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The TIS Service Committee serves a dual-mission:

One is to cultivate our students’ natural tendency to be generous and inspire a service-oriented culture so that serving others becomes a lifestyle for our students as global citizens.

The other is to provide financial, material, and human support to people who need it in the TEDA community and within China.

In order to accomplish this dual-mission, we use two mechanisms: one is from service clubs or opportunities in each division. The other is from fundraisers and drives (e.g. Clothing).To raise awareness of the work we do, we also are developing a “PR
component that publicizes what we do through school and community media. TIS has many service-related clubs. Additionally, classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12 help with fundraising for charity, and/or doing a service related activity each year.

Here are some of our clubs:

HS Service Club:  Guardian Angels, Shine Home, Roots n Shoots, Fundraising club, baking club

Middle School Service: Fundraising club, and service activities.