TIS Vision

Empowered to become citizens the world needs

TIS Mission

TIS serves a culturally-diverse community and facilitates the growth of each student’s unique capacity through high academic standards and real-world application, practical leadership experiences, character-building and opportunities to serve our local and global communities.

Expected School-Wide Learning Results

There are 7 characteristics which TIS seeks to reinforce with its students by emphasizing these Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) across the curriculum and at all grade levels:


★ Good Character

Students will have an increased ability to demonstrate human qualities and virtues 

Global Citizenship

Students will act for the good of the planet and humanity


Students will express ideas effectively and pay considerate attention to the ideas of others 


Students will demonstrate imagination to make or do something original 

Critical Thinking

Students will demonstrate curiosity and a willingness to question in order to further understanding

Problem-Solving Ability

Students will investigate problems from several angles to come up with the best solution 


Students will be self-directed, enthusiastic and engaged learners who desire knowledge