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Early Childhood Academy (ECA)

The Early Childhood Department consists of a half-day Pre-K2 program, a full day Pre-K3 program and a full-day Pre-K4 program. In the ECC program, the focus is for the students to become familiar with the routines and structure of a school setting, to learn appropriate social skills and to develop their receptive and expressive English language skills. Children will participate in activities which develop fine and gross motor skills, early literacy and numeracy concepts and will gain exposure to the arts in their daily programs and also with specialty teachers during scheduled dance and music classes. They will also take part in a Chinese language class. Students are exposed to activities which appeal to all types of learners and which provide hands-on and tactile experiences. Creative play is an important part of learning at the Early Childhood  Academy.

Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement Program at Teda International School offers students in grades 10-12 the opportunity to take college-level coursework across a range of content areas. All AP students prepare and sit for end-of-year AP examinations which take place in the first two weeks of May. Students performing well on those exams may have the opportunity to receive college credit for their efforts if they attend universities in North America or Europe which recognize the Advance Placement program. While students must meet certain prerequisites prior to entering an advance placement course, the TIS philosophy is to try to maximize access to AP study for all its students.

National Honor Society (NHS)

The TIS chapter of the National Honor Society is a selective student organization (for students in grades 10-12) whose members demonstrate the highest example in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character and service. A Faculty Council is charged with the responsibility of selecting those applicants who meet all the requirements necessary to be selected as National Honor Society members. Interested students apply at the end of the academic year with selections being made at the beginning of the subsequent academic year. To be considered for membership in the TIS chapter of the National Honor Society, applicants must have an 85% average in the core academic areas for all semesters reviewed and no semester grade below 70%. Once it is established that an applicant has met the academic standard necessary to be considered, the Faculty Council will evaluate the applicant in the other three areas of character, leadership and service.