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The physical and health education program at TIS is an important part of our school’s mission to educate the whole child.  While focusing on the 3 main areas of physical fitness, skill development, and healthy lifestyle, students are introduced to a broad variety of sports and other activities which they may incorporate into their lifestyle.  Habits are nurtured which encourage students to develop and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle that reflects their own personality, aptitudes, and interests.  Sportsmanship and good character are cornerstones of our PE program, assisting students to develop into interconnected, capable, and contributing members of society.

In addition to our PE program, TIS offers a wide variety of extracurricular programs.  After school clubs offer a less formal, recreational atmosphere for students who enjoy an activity, but who are not interested in pursuing it competitively.  TIS Comets sports teams offer a more formal approach, with teams competing in leagues with teams from other schools in Tianjin, Beijing, and other cities.  The younger leagues focus primarily on participation and skill development, while the high school teams participate in more formal, competitive tournaments.  Finally, intramural events are organized throughout the school year, where students enjoy friendly competition among themselves in activities that are not offered in the formal sports program.  These would include team dodge ball, team handball, table tennis ladders, and 3-on-3 basketball.

A key component throughout all extracurricular programs is volunteer service.  TIS welcomes students, parents, or anyone in our school community to volunteer in our programs, or to offer programs themselves.  Such volunteer services include:  coaching; assistant coaching or managing; supervising activities; chaperoning travelling sports teams; and serving at home games or tournaments.  Anyone interested in volunteering, who has feedback on current programs, or who has new program ideas is welcome to contact with the PE office.

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