Character Development

Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

The Expected School wide Learning Results program at Teda International School focuses the school’s instruction and assessment in a way that allows students to develop skills which will serve them throughout their lives in their academic pursuits, social and professional lives, and community service efforts. It does this by providing guidance in the seven areas of Global Citizenship, Excellent Communication, Problem Solving, Good Character, Critical Thinking, Lifelong Learning, and Creativity in all formal instruction, athletics, field trips, school events, and extracurricular activities. Put another way, the ESLRs focus on broad, life-long skills that can lead to profound outcomes as opposed to narrow, content-based objectives that are so frequently emphasized in course curricula.

Virtues Program at TIS

The TIS Virtues Program is based on Linda Kavelin Popov’s book, The Virtues Project. This United Nations’ recognized project serves as a model program for families of all cultures. It is utilized by many schools and organizations working with children, including the Boys and Girls Club, because it yields positive results by helping to establish a culture of caring and respect.