Sustainable Development

We encourage students to develop a deeper understanding the concepts of sustainable development, through inquiry based projects and hands on activities and solutions, adapted from UNESCO's vision of sustainability (

Our aim is to promote and encourage the following enduring understandings through our environmental stewardship program:

· Understand the importance and characteristics of Sustainable Urbanization.

· Understand the benefits of Sustainable Consumption and the value of resources.

· Appreciate the significance of Peace and Human Security while developing strategies to maintain them.

· Appreciate the importance of Rural Development and how to enrich rural communities.

· Recognize the importance and benefits of Cultural Diversity.

· Appreciate the values of Gender Equality.

· Appreciate the importance of Health Promotion and develop an understanding of how to improve it.

· Recognize the importance of protecting the Environment and the role of individuals, communities and governments.

Read more about our classroom application of these Sustainablity Themes below:

pdf-file Primary School Sustainability Themes

pdf-file Secondary School Sustainability Themes


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