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Teda International School recognizes the abilities of each student and works on fostering them.  Upon entering the school, students will feel a sense of belonging by becoming part of a House  community.

The House system develops positive interaction among grade levels from Pre-K through to Grade twelve.   Students will have the opportunity to gain merits, both individually and collectively for their House, through various activities/events held at the school. This in turn, will promote healthy competition and allow a sense of mentoring and leadership to build up between the older and the younger students.

With the exception of Administration, each teaching staff member will be placed in a House. The even  distribution of staff will allow students to become more familiar with those staff members they rarely have a chance to interact with, or turn to for support. The House system dovetails nicely into our existing Virtues and ESLR (Expected School Wide Learning Results)  programs; merits, or demerits, can be given based on students demonstrating targeted Virtues.

Reflecting both our host country, and the strength of our school, each House will be represented by a dragon.  Each dragon in turn will represent one of the Five Elements, and their corresponding characteristics. There are a total of 5 Houses, but they all share the same hierarchy.