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Description of Mandarin Chinese program

Teda International School is committed to providing opportunities for students and other school community members to learn about the Chinese language and the unique culture of our host country. The School offers Chinese classes from K-12. We focus on developing language knowledge and skills to facilitate interaction in Chinese society, developing an understanding of and appreciation for Chinese culture. Guided by the “5Cs” principles of the world-wild Standards for Foreign Language Education – Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities, the modern Chinese language curriculum aims for a quality program that emphasizes the achievement of language competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing while gaining cultural knowledge through different activities like field trip, festival related activities (New Year, Mid-festival etc.) ,after school clubs  and learning related activities( drama, Chinese storytelling ,cultural fair etc)  .

Mandarin courses have been designed to build fluency in both the spoken and the written language. Teachers will strive to use various approaches, including short conversation, short real-life stories, role play, songs, games and other unique forms of materials for an experiential learning experience.


Which style of Chinese writing to adopt?

It has always been the policy of our Department to only teach Simplified Chinese which is officially used in Mainland China, Singapore, and the United Nations. Some textbooks that we are using present both traditional and simplified versions of Chinese characters.

Mandarin Chinese Class Level

Chinese Department is comprised of 5 teachers. Mandarin Chinese program has been offering from K to 12. Start from grade1, students will be divided into different language classes according to the proficiency level.  Mandarin Chinese program supply 4 levels from G 1 to G8.  G9 –G12 students will have elective Chinese Course or AP Chinese Language and Culture Course. School reserves the rights to place the students to the right level and the rights to add or delete any levels at the beginning of the year to best meet the needs of students. 


AP Chinese Language and Culture Course Requirement

The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is designed for students who will take AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam.  The overall goal of the course is to provide students with ongoing and varied opportunities to further develop their proficiency levels across the full range of language skills within a cultural frame of reference reflective of the richness of Chinese language and culture. Students who enroll in this course should possess of intermediate level or 3 years above ongoing Chinese study experience.   Course work provides students with opportunities to perform Intermediate- to Advanced-level tasks. Students need to understand that class participation and completion of the assigned homework are critical in this class. The required time outside of class will be needed to the study of the course material. Students are expected to achieve proficiencies throughout, and beyond the Intermediate range. Students who enroll in this course need to pay the AP test registration fee to The Collage Board in order to apply for the test. The exam is computer-based. During the test, each student works at an individual computer, which processes everything read, listening, written, or spoken by the student. The student reads the screen, listens through headphones, types using the keyboard, and speaks into a microphone.


Methodologies and teaching strategies used in the program:


· Traditional classroom style


· Task-based project

· Game-based learning

· Communicative  Approach

· Lecture method

· Cooperative Learning

· Collaborative Learning

· Integrating technology in learning Chinese

· Total immersion technique

· Self learning


Textbooks  and teaching materials:


· Textbooks and workbooks

· Computer

· Video& DVD

· Flash card

· Learning  software

· Supplementary Materials


Chinese Homework requirement

Based on TIS school policy “teachers assign homework with great care in order to reinforce skills previously taught, foster habits of independent study, and meet the needs of individual students.” The following is a general guideline only, on how much Chinese homework that students can expect at each grade level.


ECC No homework

Kindergarten No writing homework



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Primary K-3

10  minutes      

10 minutes       

15  minutes              

15 minutes 

Primary 4-6

15  minutes      

20  minutes      

30 minutes      

30  minutes      

High School 7-8             

20  minutes      

30  minutes      

30 minutes      

30  minutes      

High School 9-10        

30  minutes      

30  minutes      

30  minutes      

30  minutes      

High School 11-12            

30  minutes      

30  minutes      

30  minutes      

30  minutes      


HS Students may have projects once a term covering 2-4 weeks, requiring them to organize their own time.



Students engage in a range of assessment tasks covering the four language strands of reading, writing and speaking and listening. Assessments are internally and externally moderated as follows:


· Paper test

· Speaking test

· Listening test

· Project & Presentation

· Journal

· Report

· Teachers’ observation