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The Early Childhood Academy consists of half- or full-day Nursery program for children ages 2-3 years and  a full-day Pre-kindergarten program for children ages 3-5. In the ECA classes, the focus is for the students to become familiar with the routines and structure of a school setting, to learn appropriate social skills and to develop their receptive and expressive English language skills. Children will participate in activities which develop fine and gross motor skills, as well as early literacy and numeracy concepts. In addition, students will gain exposure to the arts in their daily programs through movement, music and visual art activities. 4-year-old students will have daily Chinese lessons.

Through the application of HighScope, a developmentally appropriate curriculum model developed in the US, students are exposed to activities which appeal to all types of learners and which provide hands-on and tactile experiences. Creative play (work time) is always an important part of learning at the Early Childhood Academy.




 ECA Handbook 2018-2019

 ECA 手册 2018-2019 中文


ECA Handbook