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English Language Center (ELC)

The ELC Department provides a productive learning environment and high quality language education for enrolling students who do not have a background in English academic education. The four classrooms, two in Primary School and two in Middle School, function independently, providing a separate stream for accelerated language learning. There is also a high level of interaction and cooperation between teachers and increasing opportunities for integration with mainstream classes.

Integration is of key importance within the Department, and our students from K through 9 participate in most specialty classes with their mainstream peers throughout the year. Participation in co-curricular activities, such as after school clubs, sports, musical performances, assemblies, service, and field trips, is also encouraged so that students quickly build a network of friends across the school.

We believe that through a combination of focused, skill based language learning, and collaborative support in mainstream, students will experience an optimal learning environment. Our ELC programs balance language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking with learning skills such as developing independence, self-monitoring, research skills, and creating links between areas of learning.

All language growth develops along a progressive continuum.  The visual assessment Language Continuum is a tool we use at TIS that allows students to self-monitor their progress and growth in language skills.  It describes the typical path that language learners follow from ‘Early Acquisition’ to ‘Fluent’, and provides information that assists learning and assessment.  Our goal is to maximize progress for every student as they advance toward transition.

For most students, transitioning to mainstream classes is a relatively smooth process due to their thorough preparation. If students require ongoing support, TIS provides a comprehensive range of options. Tracking student achievement data each year assists staff in ensuring that all students receive the support they need to experience success in learning at TIS.