Middle School


The middle school program has been designed to meet the development needs of young adolescents and to bridge the transition from Elementary School to Secondary School. Our teachers are sensitive to transition issues, and work hard to ensure a smooth evolution into this new stage in their educational career.

Our highly trained and qualified teachers are aware of the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development needs of the 10-14 year old student and therefore middle school is designed to meet these unique needs. We provide a caring and secure environment for all students.

Classroom routines and organization are emphasized. As well, we provide daily planners for all middle school students to help them keep abreast of what is coming up and, more importantly, help them develop a life-long habit of being responsible for their own development and commitments.

Our homeroom teachers provide weekly newsletters to parents regarding the academic and co-curricular events that their children are experiencing each week. We work in partnership with parents to ensure that students maximize growth.

2016-2017 Homeroom Teachers:

Grade 6: Mr. Richard Pettypiece (rpettypiece@tedais.org)

Grade 7: Ms. Ayeshah Dean (ayeshah@tedais.org)

Grade 8: Mr. Des O’Shea (des@tedais.org)   

If you wish to get in touch with a homeroom teacher, please see the email addresses above. Additionally, you can contact the principal’s office at 66226157 extension 6999 or the counselor’s office at extension 6666.