Grade 4 Writing Anthology

This year, one focus in our class is on writing:  memoirs, fiction, reports, and of course, poetry.  In August, we learned about the writing process:  how to come up with ideas, how to draft, revise, and publish our work.  In September, we were ready to work on poetry.

We read poetry, and learned about the kinds of language we could use.  We learned about line breaks, and using comparisons.  Each day, we wrote.  At the end of three weeks, each student chose up to three of their favourite poems, which we collected in an anthology.

When you read their poems, look for all the different subjects they wrote about, questions they have, how they’ve put themselves into their poems.

Our students have done a great job.  We hope you enjoy what we’ve created. (Click on the link to the PDF file below to view)

-Lorne Singer, Grade 4 Teacher

pdf-file Grade 4 Poetry Anthology